Thursday, September 11, 2008

I should be fixing dinner...

but I'm not! In stead I started putting pics on the computer from this past weekend. These pics are of the first day of school. Caitlin started jr.high this year. Emma is in 6th grade, Carter is in 4th and Ryleigh is in 2nd grade. I don't feel old enough to have a kid in 7th grade. Caitlin loves it. She is really growing up. Today was her first school dance. A boy from school asked her to go to the dance with him. We told her she could dance with him, but she couldn't go with him. She also asked me if she could wear eyeshadow to the dance. I told her the rules don't change for "firsts". She seemed to have a good time when I talked to her about it.
The other kids are liking school. Emma has the same teacher she did for 5th grade. It's nice because the teacher already knows the kids, their strong and weak points, what works for each of them. Carter and Ryleigh are way too social, they take after their dad! The homework is already being piled on. I think we all are sick of homework and we are only into the school year three weeks. If we could just have school with out the homework! They all have loved wearing new clothes and shoes and seeing friends. I've enjoyed them going to bed earlier! I actually am excited about getting back to a routine. It's kinda nice! Dangit, I better go fix dinner!

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