Sunday, April 12, 2009


This year Easter was a 2 day event. As tradition goes, we went to the Kearns Easter egg hunt Saturday morning. This year the "group" that attends with us was smaller then usual. The Hayford crew came and so did the Gunther clan. The kids had a great time. I love that we live in a town that has an annual egg hunt. Kearns is really great at celebrating "events". Betty decided to have an Easter lunch on Saturday this year. We had lunch and then the kids were dying to go "hunt", so the dads went and hid eggs and candy. This year George and his kids were there. It was really good to see them. Rachel and Ryleigh hit it off instantly. They were so excited when they found out they are only a day apart in age. On the way home Ryleigh told us she was so happy to see Rachel and to catch up on the 8 years they haven't been together, hum...kinda makes ya think about heaven a bit. Then Saturday night my family came over to dye eggs. We had so much fun picking and naming our eggs for the rolling contest. (Its a game we have played for years. We all pick an egg and then take turns rolling them at another egg. Whose ever cracks is eliminated. We keep rolling till one egg is left unscathed.) Sunday we came home from church to find that the Easter bunny had payed the kids a visit. Then I needed a nap! My family came over for dinner and of course an egg hunt. The kids surprised me. We let them do the egg hunt before dinner and they didn't even argue when they had to eat dinner before they could eat any candy. The food was Divine! I ate so much I was uncomfortable! Then we had the rolling contest. It was down to the "hot Mama" (me) and the "sexy mama" (Kat). Matthew has held the title for the last 4 years, so I really wanted to win. It took 2 rolls and then "sexy mama" won! Matthew was glad it stayed in his family. Next year the show down will be between the winner and the first place looser! Watch out "sexy mama" the "hot mama" wants a rematch!


Camie said...

Good Times!! And it was nice enough for egg hunts was the great thing! Here comes the rain.. :(

Equipoise said...

You're on! Sexy Mama is still alive and kickin...I haven't eaten her yet. hehe

Misty said...

I missed the after picture with all the kids, at the Kearns egg hunt the most! Hopefully we can make it next year!

You painted your kitchen!!!!!