Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Do you share?

I'm not quite sure why it takes a major life crisis for me to get "Mental Ambition" (that's when I get lots of great ideas and the drive to do them and then think oh yeah right... and then all the ambition I have is to sit at the pool). Anyway, I've had this emense craving lately for really good salsa and chips, the store bought stuff just doesn't cut it. We planted tomatoes and green peppers in our garden this year so I was thinking I would make my own salsa. I know people can be funny when it comes to sharing SOME recipes. Like me for example, my grandma makes amazing (to me) chili sauce. I've given that recipe to 3 people. My sisters wont give it to anyone, it's kinda our little secret. I know allot of families who have recipes they wont share and I TOTALLY get it! So, I'm in search of a fabulous homemade salsa that I can bottle. If your willing to share I would love it and maybe by September when it's bottling/canning season I will have more then "Mental Ambition"!


Misty said...

I am willing to share. I will have to bring you a bottle so you can sample it. You can even join us when we have our salsa making day. MMMMM! This makes me crave a cool day with a yummy smelling house. If it makes you feel better, I haven't given out the chili sauce recipe to anyone!

Rachel said...

Misty's salsa recipe is pretty good. And if I had any good recipes, I would definatley share!

Lonni said...

Hey go on my blog and click on marys name she has a really great mango salsa recipe on there its so yummy!!