Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Does Hair Really Affect Behavior?

The other day I was walking down the hall at school and this "teacher" (for lack of a better word, she isn't a teacher. I'm sure she has an official title w/a degree) stops me in the hall and tells me she has to share something with me about Carter. I'm always a bit nervous at this point. I'm never quite sure what Carter has done or said that has caused someone to start a convo with "I want to share something with you about Carter". Anyway she proceeded to tell me that Carter came up to her in the hall, called her by name, stuck out his hand to shake hers and asked her how she was. I was so excited by this. I thought, "he really is a good boy". Then she says to me "He is like a new boy. He wasn't his normal loud self. He was very polite with good manners. It's like you cut off all his hair and he is a new person". I wanted to slap her! Really, did she just say those things to me? I was so floored I didn't know WTH to say to her. In fact I'm not sure what my response was. Let's hope it was up to her expectations. Anyway, I loved Carter's hair long, it fit him. I thought it looked really good on him. My mom always said that you behave according to how you are dressed. If you have on jeans then you wont be as reverent as you would be if you had on a dress. Does that apply to hair as well? It may very well. I did notice this last Saturday as I watched Carter play soccer that he doesn't seem to be as into the game as he was with his long hair. In fact he may have regressed to a toddler. He was playing goalie and since all the action was at the other end of the field he decided to play in the dirt. Maybe it's time to grow his hair out again. That way I can be the mom of the unmanageable son and just so I can irritate others who think boys should look like missionaries. FTR, I think missionary haircuts are totally appropriate for missionaries. Hair doesn't determine what kind of person you are!


Camie said...

My hair can make me grumpy...does that count? ;)

Lonni said...

I don't know about that, but I do know that no matter what his hair looks like he is still Carter and we love him. I would have been totally pissed off about that so I totally understand. I think you should have slapped her, seriously that was totally out of line.

Nichole said...

My hair can make me grumpy too!

Raegan said...

In a word ...... yes.

While you may not want your son to look like a missionary (nor does he want to I am guessing) how you look affects how you act. There is a reason missionaries have short hair and it is not just to make getting ready in the morning easier.

The phrase dress for success was not just invented to make people go out and buy clothes.

These are GENERALLY true as we all know there is always an exception, but GENERALLY is true more often then it is not.

Keep in mind that this is coming from a former hair person. I have joined the ranks of the follically challenged.

How you look also determines how others see you. Maybe your friend at school saw the cleaner hair style and her perception changed.

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