Thursday, August 7, 2008

Twilight Weekend!

So, I have a small obsession. Well, some who know me may call it a huge obsession. I, like many women are obsessed with Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. My best friend Camie, told me about them in October 2007 and I finally got around to reading them in January 2008. Instantly I was hooked and have been addicted ever since. When I found out that the 4th and final book was coming out I came up with the idea of getting a hotel room the weekend it came out so we could read without interruption from kids, husbands, laundry, all distractions! As time got closer for "Breaking Dawn" to be released Camie and I got to work on planning our "Twilight Weekend". We invited other friends and family members to come with us, but in the end only my sister Heather was able to go. All 3 of us were crazy excited! Heather has a friend who is crazy about "Twilight" as well and she was planning a "Twilight" party the night before "Breaking Dawn" was released. We were lucky enough to secure an invite! Yeah us! The one requirement for the party was you had to wear red, black an white. We booked a hotel downtown and made reservations at the Melting Pot for dinner Saturday night, and bought new "sex and the city" outfits. Our plans were set. Camie and I checked into the hotel Friday evening to get ready for the party. Getting all our stuff into the hotel was a real experience. I had a duffel bag, my pillow and cheetah print blanket, a case of diet coke, a Tupperware of limes, ( my sweet husband made sure I had all my favorite things for the weekend including lots of Dove chocolate), and my "Eclipse" book. She was carrying her suitcase, her purse and book, pulling a cooler. As we made it to the elevator a nice man brought Camie her pillow that fell in the parking lot. As we got out of the elevator Camie dropped her book and a sweet lady handed it to her and let us know we may loose our diet coke. Just as we got to the door of our room I dropped the diet coke, my pillow and book ...I'm sure it was a funny sight to least we thought so. Anyway, we got ready for the party, which was allot of fun. I felt like a teenager. We got all dressed up and headed down to Lehi to get Heather. The party was fabulous! We had a great time. We got to Barnes and Noble at 11:30pm to get in line for our books! At 11:58 they let the first 25 in line into the store (we were #16 in line) and at 12:01 they stared selling the book. We were in the car and back to the hotel by 12:15am.

After reading all night and day, we got ready for dinner at the Melting Pot. Before we could go to dinner we had to make a stop at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory so we would have chocolate for later. The best part about dinner was the chocolate fondue dessert and the val let opening my door for me when I got in and out of the car. Even though we were crazy tired we had allot of fun at dinner.
I have never done anything like this. The whole weekend was amazing. Everything from the party to the book to dinner to the hot tub. It was all worth the lack of sleep that I am still paying for. It was so great being with people who are just as crazy about the book as I am. One of us would quote a part in the books and that would start the giggles. It was all "Twilight" all weekend long. I haven't had that much fun with just my girlfriends since I was in jr. high. I think I am at a point in my life where I can finally start doing things for myself and put my wants and needs towards the top of the list. The best part is I'm surrounded by great friends and sisters who will go do stuff like that with me and that Danny is so willing to let me be me!
**DISCLAIMER! I am a blogging virgin. So please be patient with me while I jump feet first and blindfolded into this. Thanks-me!


Misty said...

Yea! Exciting for you! Keep up the good work! Misty

Emily said...

Hey Nichole, this is Emily Youngdell. How are you? I was just looking at Tylynn's blog and I saw your name so I had to check it out. I am so glad that you have a blog. I miss seeing you guys!

Hey, I have been reading Breaking Dawn and I am almost done. I have about one hundred pages left. What's sad is that it is after noon and I am still sitting here in my pajamas. I have been reading all morning..

Kimmie said...

Yea you did it. Great Job Sis, keep them coming.

The Bishop Boys said...

hey nichole. I saw your blog off lonni's blog. i now have a blog

wish i read the books they sure sound like a lot of fun since everyone i know reads them. I tell you what maybe when the movie comes out all us girls can go see it!