Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer was Great!

I love summer! I love the sun, the pool, bbqs, lemonade, staying up late and sleeping late. Ahh the lazy days of summer. This summer has been fabulous! We have done a lot of fun things. I have really enjoyed spending time with family and friends. A big thanks to all of our family and friends who have done a good job of keeping us occupied and our minds off our troubles! (Danny was let go from his job?! Really, I didn't even notice, hum). Thanks for all your phone calls, lunches, diet cokes, late nights outside with dessert, and for letting me vent and cry when I needed it, thanks for knowing when I needed it! We went camping with my family at Diamond Fork campground up Spanish Fork canyon. It was sooo hot that we had to drive down the mountain to an Albertsons for ice cream. I think I took a few naps in the van with the AC on just to cool down! We had lots of fun even though it was hot.

OOPPS! I forgot to change the picture, oh well. Remember I new at this! My favortie holiday is the 4th of July. We have a huge bbq on the 3rd (crazy I know, long story) Anyway, this year was our 11th annual bbq. We had less people this year, but it was nice. We always take a picture of all the kids in their red, white and blue. After dinner we go to Granite High to watch the South Salt Lake fireworks. Which are always amazing. Maybe we'll see ya next year! My brother in law works for Wheeler and he always gets us Lagoon tickets for Wheeler day. Which is awesome cuz they are cheap tickets. We have alot of fun. I don't like to ride. My fun at Lagoon has almost become stress because Ryleigh is almost too big for kiddie land. She is fearless! She went on Wicked, Wild Mouse, the White Roller Coaster. She would have gone on Jetstar had she been tall enough. Now I may have to ride. Hum, as long as we go with other people, maybe their kids can ride with mine. Or maybe I can volunteer to take the little kids to kiddie plan may work!
Dang that Lagoon! They would have to have bounce back days. Just kidding! We always have fun at Lagoon. Danny and I decided it would be fun for the kids to have one last big summer adventure, so we bounced back to lagoon. We went with our friends, the Hayfords. While we were there we ran into Misty and her kids (they have season passes) and did a few rides with them. Everyone had lots of fun.
OOPPS! I did it again! Sorry. I'll get the hang of this sooner or later. No laughing Kimmie!
We also spent alot of time at the pool. I wanted to post some pics but I always forget to take my camera. I never think about it until I see another mom with her huge camera zeroing in on her kids having a cannonball war! I'm more worried about getting my daily dose of vitamin D to remember to grab the camera. Oh well, maybe next year! Yeah right, my memory isn't getting any better. That was it for summer. No more sleeping till 9, no more flashlight tag late into the night (ok, till 10). Now it's up at 6:30 to get Caitlin off to Jr. High, getting the rest of us to school on time, reading, homework, soccer, dance...oh boy, I'm not so sure I'm ready. Farewell summer...untill next year.


Emily said...

It looks like you guys had quite the fun summer! Your kids are getting so big, it's crazy. I am with you on the whole going back to school deal. It's like you know life is going to get super crazy so you have to prepare yourself for it. I'm sorry to hear about Danny's job. I hope that things are working out for you guys.
By the way, sorry I didn't make it to dinner Friday night. Thanks for the invite, though!

Kimmie said...

You really know how to make someone cry. JK I love you sooo much and am so glad that you are my sister. Summers are so fun, especially when they can be shared by family. LOL KJ