Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Very Best...Ever!

I know everyone thinks they have the very best husband. But I really do! Many of you know that Danny was let go when his company was bought by Mobile Mini in July. At first I was nervous as to how life was going to change, but then it hit me that Danny was going to be home alot! This excited me! I know alot of ladies who would dreed having their husbands home all day everyday. Well, not this lady. I love having Danny home. I have loved waking up and having him there, knowing he doesn't have some place to be first thing. I've loved watching him fix breakfast for the kids. I loved watching our kids and how happy they are to have him home and for him to be part of their day. It's been great to spend all day, everyday with him. I'm sure some of you are thinking,"why isn't he looking for a job? If it were my...". Danny has been doing his own thing, selling here and there. He has gone on several interviews. Infact he interviewed with Williams Scottsman twice in the last two weeks. That's promising, right? (Keep your fingers crossed for us). I start work on Tuesday and have found myself having a personal pitty party. I am really going to miss spending my days with him. He is truly one of the greatest guys ever. He always knows just what I need and want. He will watch chic flicks to Elvis movies with me and not complain. When there is a drink run, he doesn't even ask, he just knows what I want. He has gone to several concerts with me this summer, some of which I'm sure he would have rather not. He is always so thoughtful. He always puts me first. On Thursday he took me out for my birthday. He knew I was watching my niece on Friday so we celebrated a day early. He took me to lunch and to a movie. We went to see Mama Mia. I had already seen it, but he knew how much I loved it and thought I would enjoy seeing it again. I have wanted a kitchenaid for a very very long time. They are expensive and have always been just a wish. On Friday after his interview he came home with a red kitchenaid. I've been going through a red phase lately and he picked up on it. I am so blessed to be loved by someone who loves me as intensely as Danny loves me. He is amazing. I just love him! If this summer is any indication of what retirement is like...bring it on!


Equipoise said...

You guys are so cute! I hope we're still as in love as you two are in 8 years! Happy Birthday!

Emily said...

I have always thought that you and Danny look so happy together and perferct for each other. You guys are too cute. Good luck with Williams Scottsman!