Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tag...5 things you may not know about me!

1. I love the American Standards. Songs like That's All, I'll Be Seeing You, The Very Thought Of You, That Old Feeling... Songs like that were done when life was simple. I love the way they can make me feel better. I also love the 20's (the decade). Sometimes I think I was born at he wrong time. But when I think of all the things I can't live without like, the microwave, the blowdryer, tampons, cell phone/texting, individually wrapped chocolates with alomonds and toffee, I realize I was born at the right time.

2. I collect cookbooks. I don't ever use the dessert recipes because I SUCK at baking. I do love to cook, especially for friends and family and good cookbooks help. All threw my cookbooks you will find happy, frowny, or squiggly faces with a date. These let me know how well the recipes went over and when we tried them.

3. When I was about 8 or 9 I took figure skating lessons. I can still skate pretty well, just can't do any of the "tricks" ( for lack of a better word). My mom made sure I had all the gear. I had the leotards, the matching leg warmmers, mittens and the bag to carry it all in (thanks mom). I stil have the outfit I wore in a perfomance. It was a black leotard with silver tinsel.

4. I am a laundry control freak! I am the only one who is allowed to fold the socks. I can't stand when older socks are paired with newer socks, or if a stretched sock of the same kind is put with a sock that is not stretched out. It drives me insane when one sock is darker then the other. The funny thing is if I don't watch someone fold the socks, it doesn't bother me. I have been known to refold socks that have already been folded. Go ahead and is kinda funny.

5. This is way embarassing...and I will probly really regret this one, but ever since I was little I could put both my feet behind my head. And yes, I still can.

Camie, Misty, Kimmie, Kat and Kris...tag you're it!


Emily said...

Great idea with the cookbooks. I need to do the facial expressions on mine because I never remember what one's went over well or not..

And you better believe that next time I see you I am going to make you put your feet behind your head. Ü

BikerDAD said...

I would agree mom needs one. We should get her to do it she would love it and its a way good release

BikerDAD said...

She enjoys it quite a bit. hahaha