Thursday, October 9, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!

This past weekend we went to Vegas with Camie and Andy to celebrate Camies birthday. I haven't ever been to Vegas and Danny has only been on business. Therefore, we haven't ever seen the sights. In 14 years Danny and I have only gone away overnight twice, and our anniversary is this month, so we were really excited to get away.
We flew out Friday afternoon. We land and get to the hotel and Danny and Andy let us freshen up for a night on the strip. They took us to a restaurant at the Paris Hotel called Mon Ami Gabi. The atmosphere was so romantic. Danny pushed in my chair for me and the waiter put my napkin in my lap. The food was incredible! After dinner we saw the fountain show at the Bellagio. The fountain show was done to an Italian opera, it was beautiful! Then we walked down to the Venetian were Danny and Andy had planned for us to take a gondola ride. It was so romantic and funny at the same time. Our gondola driver was hysterical. He told us to "make out like teenagers" as we went under the bridges. Then he sang us romantic Italian songs. After our ride we had gelato in an Italian piazza. I figure this is the closest I will ever get to Italy, so I was taking full advantage of the situation. We took a cab back to the hotel. Our cab driver was a putts. I really didn't enjoy his humor at all! He was giving us crap about it being only 11:30 and we were going back to the hotel. He asked us what we were doing in Vegas then turned on some grandpa music. Needless to say he didn't get tipped well. Saturday morning we had brunch at the hotel and then Camie and I hit the pool. The pool is an essential part of my summer, so I am there alot. But being at the pool at the hotel doesn't even compare to the good ol' Kearns pool. There were palm trees, I took 2 naps in 5 hours, Danny brought me diet cokes and pinacoladas and I read. You couldn't ask for a better day. I did forget to put sunblock on my face, chest and shoulders...oopps! For dinner that night we went to an Iron chef's restaurant ( can't remember his name, Mario Batoli maybe). It was an experience...didn't realize I was married to a cheese conasour. The food was ok. I paid $14 for a yuppie salad, it was good. I do agree with Camie, I am more an Olive Garden Italian. After dinner we went to the cirque show "Le Reve". I can't even tell you how amazing it was. I have never seen anything like it before. You'll just have to go see it for your self. It was a well deserved, fabulous, amazing weekend. Danny and I really needed some time together. I really enjoyed spending time with him and focusing on us. It was a great way to celebrate our anniversary. Thanks Cam and Andy for inviting us to go with ya. We had a blast!

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Camie said...

I can definitely say HOT!....outside... ;)