Thursday, October 23, 2008

What a Weekend!

I just love UEA weekend. Since the kids were out Thurday and Friday, I didn't work on Wednesday. I haven't made chili sause in four years, so my sisters and I decided it was about time. My stove is a flat top and the waterbath pot is too big for the burner, so we used the turkey fryer (great idea Danny!). We went to the pumpkin patch, which has been a tradition for years. This year we went with my family. Grandpa and Grandma even came. Saturday we headed to this great park with the Hayfords. When we got to the gas station for gas and drinks we noticed the van had a flat tire. It turned out the tire had four screws in it. Too many to fix ourselves. So instead of a picnic in the park, we had our picnic in the backyard. Oh well, there should be a few more warm saturdays left. Ryleigh and Bethanie sat under the quilting frames grabbing the needle to tye the bottom and then sending it up for Kimmie, Cailtin and Emma to tye the top. Saturday ended with a game of HORSE between Danny, Carter and Cailtin. I really enjoyed the five day weekend. I could use more of those...but then why work? Working is so overrated!


Camie said...

So much fun! And think of the gas we saved!! ;)

Equipoise said...

so glad you had a fun weekend!