Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Ryleigh!

Today my baby turns 8! It's so hard to believe that 8 years has gone by, and fast too. When she was born we were expecting so many health problems. I had received many priesthood blessings before she was born. I didn't even get to see her right after, they took her into another room so the NICU docs could check her out. The miracle of the day was not only her birth, but that she was completely healthy. The blockage between her stomach and her intestines was gone. I am so thankful for Danny and the priesthood which he holds. Every year on Ryleigh's birthday I thank my Father in Heaven for letting me have her. Ryleigh is such a sweet girl. She is so kind and loving. Even now she likes to cuddle with me and sit on my lap. She always makes me laugh, she has a really silly side.
Here are some of her favorite things:

~Fancy Nancy books
~Anything red and "parkly" (just like mom)
~BBQ ribs
~Littlest Pet Shop
~Ella, her teddy bear
~Her friends
~Cheetah print (takes after her mother)
~Baby dolls
~Skinny leg jeans
~Tank tops and comfy pants
~Her hair pulled up
~Helping mom in the kitchen
~listening to her MP3 palyer


Misty said...


We just love ya!

Camie said...

Happy Birthday Ryleigh! I can't believe she's 8!! She's supposed to be 4 forever with Ella!! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ryleigh!
Sorry I missed your party last night. I hope you have the bestest birthday ever.


Equipoise said...

Happy Birthday Ry! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you!


Lonni said...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear ryleigh happy birthday to you!! We hope you had the best 8th birthday ever!!! We love you!!!

Love from all of us!!!

Paul and Kris said...

Happy late b-day Ryleigh. As time goes by I miss you more and more. I hope your 8th b-day was the best yet. Keep using that beautiful smile. Love ya lots

Uncle Paul & Aunt Kris