Monday, November 24, 2008

I am Thankful For...

Lonnie tagged me with this "Iam Thankful For..." tag, and since Thanksgiving is one of my very favorite holidays here we go...

I am Thankful for...
~My Savior and His sacrafice.
~The scriptures and what they teach and remind me.
~The sacrament
~The priesthood.
~Being a mother
~My calling.
~Danny and the way he loves me.
~My parents and the way they raised me.
~My brothers and sisters and their spouses.
~My nieces and nephews
~Danny's brothers and their wives.
~Danny's mom and dad, for the way they raised him.
~My friends. I have the best ever!
~Family traditions.
~Our home. For the way it feels and smells in the fall/winter and for the good times we have in the summer. I'm thankful for the memories it helps us make.
~My red high heels, all my shoes really.
~Chocolate and a nice drink (I'm giving up diet coke, my favorite right now is cranberry juice and 7up).
~Hot chocolate
~Dating Danny
~My computer
~My car, it's running ok right now.
~Danny's new job (this should be higher on the list).
~Braces and glasses
~Thanksgiving and for the way it helps me remember what I'm thankful for.
~Bishop Kammerman's talk Sunday.
~Holly's lesson in YW Sunday.
~Being able to take our kids to the movies for Ryleigh's bday.
~Unconditional love
~My job at the school.
~My kids primary/YW/Sunday school teachers.
~My kids school teachers.
~Our health
~Ryleigh's choice to be baptized
~The upcoming Christmas season
~Being able to have Thanksgiving dinner at my mom and dad's house.
~For grandparents. Danny and I couldn't do this alone!
~Shopping on Friday
~Holiday food
I'm sure as I lay in bed tonight I'll remember a whole bunch of things I should have put on my list. But for now, this works.
I tag: Camie, Misty, Heather, Kimmie, Kat, Kris, Rachel, Tylynn, Emily, Dad, and anyone else who feels so inclined!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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