Friday, November 7, 2008

Tender Feelings

I've been having some "tender feelings" this week. For 4 1/2 years we have been having Family Home Evening with Jared and Misty along with Danny's mom (she's Jareds mom too). We started this when Emma and Emily turned 7 to help get them ready to be baptized, and we've just kept it up. Every other month I fix dinner and dessert and prepare a lesson. The next month it's Misty's turn. Anyway, last Sunday it was Jared and Misty's turn. Misty gave a great lesson on talents. She went around the room and told each of us what she thought our talents were. (Here come the "tender feelings") I thought how incredible it was that she knew each of us that well. Even before Carter and Lizzie were born we were doing everything together. We lived across the street from each other and our kids became more like brothers and sisters then cousins. They could entertain themselves with the most ordinary things. Like a storm drain where an imaginary fish/monster named "bagonna" lived, they would feed it twings and leaves. When they learned to ride bikes, they would go up and down our private drive affectionately named "Leland". We would go parks all over the valley, to the zoo, the childrens museum. We would take all the kids to resturants,( at one point we had 6 kids under the age of 6 between us) which looking back all 4 of us adults must have been either crazy or more patient. This is how Misty can know each member of our family so well. Allot of our family traditions are built around our little families. Another "tender feelings" moment hit me on Thursday night. We have this traditon which includes me, Misty and Betty. Every November Betty takes Misty and I to Olive Garden for dinner then we go to Target to help her Christmas shop for the grandkids. This has to be one of my favorite traditions from Danny's family. We always have such a good time and it really puts me in a festive mood. As our kids have gotten older and get involved in other things and as we build new friendships with others, I've noticed that we don't do as much with Jared and Misty's family as we used to. I really miss that part of our life. There are some traditons that have been skipped because we both just get too busy. After we had shopped for the kids, Misty and I walked through the ladies department. We have always had this thing that when we see something completely awful we say, "I'm buying you that for your birthday/Christmas". We haven't been shopping in a very long time(which is something we used to do alot of together) and it was fun to do that again. We all laughed so hard at some of the way crazy clothes. My "tender feelilngs" moment came when we were shopping and I realized how much I miss them. I am so greatful for my family's relationship with Jared and Misty and their family. I'm not sure how common it is for in-laws to get along so well and to be so close. I just love the life we have built around our 2 families. Thanks guys for sticking by us even when we aren't at our best. I love ya lots.

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Misty said...

OK, now you have given me tender feelings too. I think I have repressed my memories of taking 7 young kids out to dinner. I miss living at Leland....there were so many fun memories. I am so grateful you guys moved out this way too so we can still see each other at the drop of a hat.

I think I am going back to Target to buy you the green zippered neck shirt with the zebra leggings. By the way, I went to our Target this weekend...that must be an east side thing cuz it wasn't for sale there; thank goodness!

We forgot our Halloween picture tradition...I totally spaced it this year. How about a fun Christmas picture in their new outfits for my wall?

Thanks so much for showing me all the benefits of a sister. (I love when people ask if we are sisters!)

We love you guys more that you'll ever know. Thanks for this post.