Monday, February 9, 2009

Just Stuff!

~Facebook...Love It! It's so fun to find people that I haven't seen in 18 years. It's also a great way to monitor Caitlin since she is on Facebook as well. There is this 25 Random things tag going around on Facebook. I've decided for me that is more of a blogging thing and the word "Random" bothers me so maybe "Just Stuff" will work and it wont be 25 things either...that's way to long.

~I REALLY miss Danny. We have never been apart for more then 5 days. This 10 day business trip is really, really hard and I hate sleeping alone.

~I've never really understood why friends comes before family in the phrase "Friends and Family". It's always been backwards to me. Until recently. It's funny how my friends are more like sisters to I get it!

~I'm just tryin to figure people out. Is that a waste of my time and energy? Probably.

~Emma has to do the science fair this year, it's required for 6th grade. She is doing an experiment on plants. Feeding 1 milk, 1 water and 1 orange juice. Today when I came home from work, the house smelt really bad. Guess what? It was the plant being fed milk! Glad it will be over on Monday!

~Teachers! Most of them are fabulous,especially the ones I work with. I'm just tryin to get Emma threw 6th grade! Who do some teachers think they are?

~I want an ipod so bad I can almost hear my playlist! Stupid disposal!

~I love tax returns. Especially BIG ones!

~4 months till it's pool time and school is out! YEAH!

~The Bachelor is on tonight! Very Exciting. I really like Melissa, but I think the previews show a bad night for her.

~I could really use a maid and a laundress. How great would that be? Then I wouldn't have piles of laundry to fold, toilets to scrub, floors to vacuum. But then I wouldn't have anything to do if she did it all for me...hummm...I would like to try it for a while.

~I love my house. Even though it's not decorated the way I want it (my taste has changed) I just love it. It's my safe place.

~I fell off the wagon! I'm a "cherry coke/chocaholic". I've done really well at not drinking cafffine/soda for 3 months. I only "drink" when we go out to dinner/movies. Last week I had an anxiety attack due to 6th grade teachers. Danny talked me out of it and when he came home he brought me a cherry coke which caused a very giggly reaction. I guess all "holics" fall off the wagon at some point. I've decided that my breaking point is some anxiety and Pre, during, and post PMS, becasue between last week and this week I've gone on 3 drink runs and bought a 2 liter to get me threw Sunday. I need a "meeting" because Kindergarten was nuts today and when I got home I finished off the 2 liter and had 3 chocolate carmel covered macadamia nut clusters...


Emily said...

I don't know what it is about having a coke/diet coke when life gets crazy (or just because I want to drink it 24/7) but it always helps. I'm totally with you on this one. And.. what's better than a coke with chocolate?

The Elliott's said...

can i just say how flippin cute you are??? I know this sounds cheesy but you are an example to me!!! Thanks for your comment in yw sunday. You said exactly what i was feeling!!! THANKS AGAIN!

Camie said...

I don't think I'll ever be able to kick my chocolate habit. So kudos to you for being off caffeine for 3 months! You're awesome!

Lonni said...

I just love you! I love the just stuff thoughts, your right I'm with you random just sounds messy. Well I understand the chocolate and coke addiction..I am definitly going through that now. I am going to scream because I am trying to limit myself. I hope Danny gets back soon. I hate when they are gone for long periods of time it just sucks, you don't know if you want to just love on them or smack them for leaving. I guess both.