Saturday, April 4, 2009


*Famiy Movie Night! This is something Danny and I have done with our kids for a long time, especially in December and rainy friday/saturday nights. My parents came up w/ the idea of doing it once a month with my whole family. The first "FMN" we watched Australia. Fab movie. We filled the coffe table w/ junk, sat back and enjoyed being together. I love traditions! "I'll sing you to me..."

*Temple Night! Danny and I have made Thursday our Temple night. We made it all four times this month. Thursday is my fav night of the week. If anyone wants to go w/us we try to leave by 5:15...

*GNO! Loved girls night out! Can't wait for Aprils GNO.

*Started the kitchen! UGH, what have we done?!!

*Twilight movie night! A few of us got together at Jamies to watch twilight. We met at 9pm after we helped our hubby's put kids to bed. I think we talked threw most of it, commenting on parts and giggling at parts. When it was over we sat and talked for a long time. I didn't get home till 1:20 in the morning.

*The Zoo! On the only warm saturday in March Jamie and I took the kids to the zoo. I haven't been to the zoo in 5 years. It has changed so much. Carter didn't want to go so he stayed home w/ Danny. It was alot of fun! After the zoo we roasted hot dogs and mallows. Jamie and Josh were such good sports since they aren't hot dog fans. The kids played and jumped and by the end of the night were super tired. We all had a blast!

*A Sisters/Mom day! Heather came up, mom came over and we had lunch (Kat was in New Mexico for a funeral). Heather and Kimberlee made jammie pants. Mom and I watched and talked. I painted a little, it was great. We haven't done that in awhile. It was nice to spend time w/ them.

*Caitlin made Dance Company!

*Danny went to Denver.

*Nobody threw up this month! Yes!
*I really hate snow!
*FHE at #5's! Misty made Navajo Tacos and they were delsih! The lesson was great too!
*Did I mention I am really tired of the snow? Only 2 1/2 months till pool time...I hope!


Misty said...

OK Nichole. I posted about snow, and it is still snowing! Of course today was sunny, but it is supposed to be yucky by the end of the week. Sorry, I gave it a heartfelt try for you.
I LOVE your monthly updates. Keep them coming!

Equipoise said...

What a month! Sorry I missed sisters/mom day! I miss those too! We'll have to do another one soon. :) Love ya!