Friday, June 5, 2009


...Are great when they work and suck when they don't. Recently our computer came down with a virus. For the last 2 weeks Danny has been doing everything he can think of to make it better. We bought the spyware, did a defrag, fixed the cookies and name it Danny has tried it. Everytime we try to down load pics it freezes. After 15 min of surfing or being on fb it freezes. I haven't been able to blogg because it freezes. I feel awful because Emma and Carter have both had birthdays and I haven't been able to post a slideshow for them. Today Danny and I decided to erase the whole computer and start over. We will see how that works. If you have any suggestions on what could be the problem with this piece of, please let us know. So untill we get this fixed...I guess I'm on a blogging break.

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