Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Emma!

Because our computer/Internet is such a fab piece of technology, a slide show of Emma is just not possible. I have been able to post a few pics of her before the computer froze. Hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

Emma turned 12 on May 18th. As I was putting the pics together for her slide show I was pretty emotional. It feels like she was born so long ago, but at the same time it feels like yesterday. Where does the time go...12 years has gone so fast. Emma was born with tons of black hair that stood up about 2 inches on her head, for months we couldn't get it to lay down. Emma is very in tune with others feelings. She can sense when someone is sad or upset and is always the first to comfort them. She is extremely loyal, all the way from her family and friends to what she believes. Emma has always been our little actress. She loves to make people laugh and entertain. With the help of her sisters and cousins, when she was little, she would always put on dress up and produce a "show" for Danny, Jared, Misty and I to watch. As I watch Emma grow, I am so proud at how true she stays to herself and what she stands for. She is an incredible person. I love you Emma! Happy Birthday!

A few of Emma's loves:

*Movies: Emma is a movie expert like her dad!


*Going to the pool: like her mom


*Her family

*Hangin out w/ Caitlin

*The Gospel





Camie said...

How cute! Stupid computers are such a PAIN!!

Misty said...

I loved that cute little baby. I was always so envious of all that hair. I love the pre-teen Emma even more! She is one awesome girl. I am proud to call her family (and one of my daughter's best friends!)

Lonni said...

Happy Happy Birthday Emma! She had so much hair I cant believe it! I miss you guys I hope all is well.