Monday, August 24, 2009

Is It Really Over?

This last week was a bit hard for me. It was our last week of summer. Usually the week before school starts we start "school hours". I have the kids start their nightly school routine. I had good intentions which lasted about two nights...who am I kidding it only lasted one night. I decided they were going to enjoy the "last week of freedom" (as my kids put it). So we spent more time at the pool, stayed up late playing night games, had movie night outside, played rock band w/friends till midnight and slept in til 10 most mornings which is ok, kids adjust quickly. I think I've put summer away although I'm pouting and can't accept the reality that it's over. We have had a pretty fab summer, uneventful and relaxing.

The pool towels are washed and put in the big ugly bag which is also put away, swimming suits are being soaked and washed and the sunscreen is all gone. So now it's time for homework, reading, schedules, soccer, dance and curfews (And that's not for the kids. It's actually for me! Who at 34ish has a curfew?). As much as I enjoy denial, I can't deny that summer is gone for another year. I'll try to keep my pouting short, but I'm not making ANY promises!

*I tried to post more pics, but the computer froze!

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Lonni said...

I know I can't believe it either. It's only wednesday and I'm already exhausted. Ugh I need to wrap my pouting up and face reality.