Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Carter's First BYU Football Game!

I have 2 brothers, Paul and Matthew. Paul lives in Iowa and Matthew lives here in SLC. Both of them are die hard BYU fans, Paul since he was a kid and Matthew more recently. A few years ago Paul and his family came home (to SLC) for Christmas. Carter was about 5 at the time. Carter loves his uncles. In his eyes they can do no wrong, what they say is law, he thinks they walk on water. Anyway, this was when Carter learned of Paul's love for the "Y", hence when Carter became a "Y" fan. Matthew has season tickets to BYU football and so do many of his friends. Last weekend some of Matthew's friends weren't able to go, so they gave their tickets to Carter and Danny. Carter was more then excited! He decided he would wear his BYU t-shirt, his BYU hoodie and his BYU hat. Danny, being a Utes fan was only thrilled to go because of Carter (Danny has always been one who loves to watch his kids reactions to the things they love). I can't even explain how excited Carter was to go. When they got to the stadium he got to do a football toss, which he won a football for. Matthew bought him a new BYU t-shirt and a BYU football. During the game he got hot chocolate in a BYU mug and a soda in a BYU cup all of which he got to bring home to add to his collection of BYU stuff. He has a BYU plate, bowl, and now several cups. The standing joke at our house, if you happen to get one of the BYU cups is "oh great, I get the dumb cup". Carter gets allot of @#*! from family members for being a "Y" fan. I find myself cheering for the "Y" not because I like the school, but because my only son who is the only "Y" fan in our immediate family loves them. Carter had such a good time. I'm sure he will always remember his first BYU football game. I am so thankful that Carter has such good male role models in his life, all the way from his dad to his grandpas to his uncles. Thanks guys, for helping us raise a good boy. And Matthew, he had the time of his life!


JMEC said...
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Camie said...

Yay! At least someone at your house has some sense... ;)

BikerDAD said...

I am so glad he had a great time. I hope to get him to more games and maybe bring you to one and convert you. Hahaha...Love you and thanks for giving me the oppurtunity to be in your sons life.