Monday, December 29, 2008

Oh What A Christmas!

Christmas was fabulous! We had such a good time at Gramma Betty's on Christmas eve. Blanca made tamales and they were delish! Christmas morning was great. The kids were happy with what they received, even for the socks and underwear. I am always amazed at how much excitement and build up goes on during the whole month of December and then it is over in 45 minutes. Anyway, after breakfast Danny worked on loading Caitlin's ipod and I took a nap! Later we went to the movies. Marley and Me is a great show, just remember your Kleenex. After the movie we went over to Grampa and Gramma Jackson's for dinner. We had a great dinner inspite of the fact that I forgot the raspberries and Brad forgot some of the cheese. The snow kept coming and I got really anxious. The last time it snowed on Christmas Day we lost power for 60 hours. Fortunately for me and my family the power stayed on. And the snow kept coming! 20 inches later in Ktown we are finally dug out and melting a bit.

*Just a side note. The last 2 pics in the slideshow are of a yummy dessert Jamie found in the December issue of "The Friend". They are edible snowflakes. You just warm a tortilla in the microwave for 15 seconds. Then you fold it into a triangle and cut it up like a snowflake. Then you fry it in a pan of oil and when it is done you sprinkle it with powder sugar. It is a scrumptious treat. It tastes like funnel cake to me.

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Camie said...

Merry Christmas! How fun! Aren't you glad it's over though! ;)