Monday, January 5, 2009

Dreaming Of Warmer Days!

I learned a few things about myself in 2008. I learned how to say "NO". Being able to say 'NO" I found, is really liberating! I have been able to reduce stress and at times even avoid it altogether. I learned (AGAIN) that the finer things in life are fabulous, but not necessary, and that there is happiness in simpler things. I learned that being "Nichole" is not so bad, actually it can be pretty great. The biggest thing I learned about myself in 2008 is I HATE COLD WEATHER!I am really sick of snow, wind,and below freezing temperatures. I find myself daydreaming about sitting poolside, the hot sun beating down on my face and a cold drink in my hand. Over Christmas we saw "Marley and Me". At one point in the story Jennifer Aniston's character says to Owen Wilson's character, "Let's move to a warmer place". Although I would never move to Florida (hurricanes!) Phoenix isn't sounding too bad right now, after all it is the "Valley of the Sun"! Also in "Marley and Me" Jennifer Aniston was always so tan and wore such cute summer clothes all year long. Granted, I wouldn't be wearing those type of outfits, but I sure as heck would be wearing less then I am now! So, now you may understand the background to my blog. I'm totally dreaming of warmer days. I know, I know we need the water or else there wouldn't be a pool for me to sit by. HOWEVER, that doesn't change the way I feel or the fact that I am counting down to summer...only 6 months till the pool opens!


Lonni said...

OMH I hear ya!! I hate the cold weather. When I am at crossing guard I try to think warm..You know palm trees and sand and bathing suits. Summer seems so far away. I am glad I am not the only one that feels this way! If you go somewhere warm pack me in your suitcase ok!!

Camie said...

I love your new backround!! We definitely need to move to AZ!!

Misty said...

Just think, Without the snow we wouldn't appreciate the sun as much. However, I think six weeks of winter would still make me appreciate the summer!