Friday, December 19, 2008

What a Week!

This week has to be one of the top 5 worst weeks EVER! It really didn't start out that way, Monday and Tuesday were good. If I relive what I've been threw this week, you may be reading for a LONG time and I will end up with swollen eyes again. So I don't leave you wondering, let's just say I had a run in with public education. While I was sent to the firing squad, my superhero (Danny) was sitting in a classroom in Denver. Thank heaven for loyal and supportive friends and family. I'm sorry for breaking down infront of so many of you (I'm usually stronger then that), thanks for listening threw my blubbering and for the hugs. After several diet cokes (thanks Lonni) and a tylenol pm I felt much better when I woke up this morning. Then today,to top it all off, Danny's flight home was canceled due to bad weather in SLC...geez it was just a little snow! Danny is safe in a hotel and has a flight out tomorrow at 2pm as long as the weather is better...I don't do well without him. In a few minutes I'm going to put in one of my favorite "girl movies", make a "Warm Delight" (thanks Jamie) and just let this week go...wish me luck!


Camie said...

I'm sorry hon!! Good luck with the letting it all go!! Love ya!

Equipoise said...

Well now you've got me all worried! You'll have to fill me in later today (if you can) and I hope you're feeling better. I'll save a nice big hug for you when I see you! Love ya!

Lonni said...

I wished I could help more when you are having a bad day. I am glad danny is home now and you are doing better. If you want I will go in and throw some punches for ya.