Thursday, May 14, 2009

4th Grade = County Report

In 4th grade at our school students study the state of Utah and then end the year with a report on a county in Utah. When Emma was in 4th grade her county was Sevier county, which just happens to be the county where Betty was raised (pays to be friends w/the teacher). We decided that this required a "road trip". Betty came with us and gave us the grand tour. We took lots of pics of Emma and grandma at important places in Sevier county. This year Carter is in 4th grade and he got Utah county, home of BYU, the Startup Candy Co., again pays to be friends with the teacher! Danny and I spent what we thought was enough time researching places in Utah county to visit, we had our day planned down to the hour. We hit this really cool museum in Fairfield. It's called the Stagecoach Museum. It's an old Inn and old commissary building dating back to the "Utah Conflict" and was a pony express stop. Our family loves to visit places like this so we all had allot of fun. After that we headed to BYU, stopped at the creamery...too busy, then to the "B" museum...couldn't find it and BYU police were of little help. Then to the Startup Candy Co. ...closed, only open M-Th from noon -2. After that we went to the historical Utah county Court house...closed on Saturdays. Our final stop was to Utah sign for us to take a pic by and the day use fee was $9, not payin that for a pic by the lake. So, what we thought was a well planned trip turned out to be a typical "road trip" (those who know, know what I mean) a few problems but lots of laughs, good music, fun memories and McDonald's on the way with some great pics and info for Carter's report. Since we didn't come up with the idea of hands on research when Caitlin was in 4th grade, we told her we would do a road trip to her county soon. Anyone know what's in Duschane County?


Kimmie said...

Yes, Amy's husband is from Duchan or however you spell it...I'll talk to Amy and see what cool things are down or up or over there and we will go!

Lonni said...

I have to tell you I just think you and danny are the greatest parents you are so hands on. I have learned a lot of parenting skills from you. Even though a lot of things were closed it still sounds like you had fun. Miss ya, luv ya.